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Welcome to the Reader’s Club, where book lovers come together to connect, discover, and explore the world of literature like never before.


We’d love to talk about how we can work together.

The Sunflower Seeds is a literary consulting company that excels in book marketing. We will help your book achieve it’s best potential and help you gain recognition as an author through book publicity, book promotions and author brand building.

We live in a world where the written word holds unparalleled power, but faces fierce competition. With hundreds of new authors releasing new books daily, it takes hard work to stand out.

That's where we come in.

With more than 30 years of experience in the books world.

We have a team that has worked at all levels of the literary industry. From esteemed publishing houses like Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House India, to media giants like Times of India Online, POPXO, and Little Black Book, to book retailers like Crossword, our team is skilled at every level of dealing with the books world; and they will ensure your book is going to bestseller.

Handling it personally is hard work. Starting with book development to finding a suitable book publisher in India and getting your book published is taxing enough, but after that, the retail marketing, the book marketing, the book publicity and all other factors that go into promoting your book and ensuring it reaches it’s target audience, there is a lot for an author to do. All the research behind this and the execution of it is time-consuming. It barely leaves time to write and/or work on your next project.

That’s why you should outsource all that hard work to the experts.

We are a literary consulting and book marketing company that will make your book the next sensation. We can help you get published and then help you build your brand as an author, and if you are a published author, we will ensure your book and brand become household names.

We will be the invisible force that breathes life into manuscripts, transforming them into a published book. The team that takes a writer and makes him into a household name as an author. The workforce that ensures the book is easily available across bookstores so that anyone who hears of it will have not trouble finding it.

What we do and what we ensure:

Book marketing

Book marketing is a vast and daunting endeavour, but luckily we are experts. We are used to navigating through the vast sea of the literary world. We understand that each book is a unique universe and we will tailor make a marketing strategy for each book to perfectly showcase its brilliance.

Book publicity

We will ensure the book has a buzz around it even before it releases by making sure it’s covered by several popular forms of media, which we detail on below.


We will ensure the book and the author are covered in the best newspapers, magazines and online platforms. From articles to features and interviews, we will ensure press coverage.

Retail marketing

With innovative strategies and activities undertaken to promote and sell a book within various retail outlets(bookstores, online retailers, and other relevant channels) we will ensure the visibility of the book across the marketplace and with promotions, ensure that is seems an appealing buy.

AMS Strategy

We will also manage the growth plan for the brand on Amazon which would include execution and strategic support for the following: Search campaigns, Display campaigns and Remarketing Ads

Book launch

A celebration of the launch of the book is a must and we will ensure the best possible event. It will be in theme with the book, with book discussion, a panel discussion if required, hi-profile attendees, contests if needed for engagement and proper press coverage.

Book tour

A book tour will help authors connect directly with their readers and other bibliophiles in person, rather than just over the internet or social media. This is absolutely essential to book publicity, a successful book release can kickstart the sales. We will ensure a multi-city tour with events across literary festivals and at the best bookstores.

Blogger activation

There are many book review blogs and websites and we will be sure to promote the book on those relevant to the book’s genre. This can provide valuable exposure to the right audience. Many avid readers follow such blogs to discover new books and authors as these reviewers feel closer to them than a big media house.

Influencer activation

We ensure the book is promoted by Bookstagrammers, BookTubers and other accounts that focus on books. They often have large followings of avid readers and can help create buzz around your book through reviews, book hauls, and other book-related content. They are now essential for book publicity.

Book Club promotion

Many people let their book club decide their next read and we ensure the book is covered by those book clubs with the right audience for the book

Screen adaptation

Books are but one medium of storytelling and we can help authors get their book to the big screen or on an OTT platform.

Brand Level Initiatives

At a branding level we partner with brands for the following:Defining the influencer marketing strategy (Micro, macro and nano) Celebrity tie ups and engagement PR strategy for the brand On ground events and activations

Author Brand management

Every book is but a reflection of its writer, and we believe that all authors charasmatic enough to be brands unto themselves. With our assistance, authors can transform from wordsmiths to brand ambassadors. We will help them manage their author personas, online presence and that connect with readers on a personal level, drawing them into the creator's world to foster a community of loyal fans.

Organic Growth

We work with the brand in defining the overall SEO strategy which involves the following:

Keyword research
Traffic growth projection from the channel
On-page strategy including new product recommendation
Off-page plan including blogger outreach campaigns

Content Support
We collaborate with the brand to manage the overall platform level content support and content creation strategy end to end for the platform. We have a dedicated team of writers who will manage the content strategy for the following

Blog section to build Top of the funnel audience
SEO Optimised content for product pages
Content requirements for homepage

Design Support
At a design level, we can help you manage the design requirement for the overall platform

Design strategy for performance campaigns
Pakshot strategy on product pages
A+ design and content plan on product pages
Off-page plan including blogger outreach campaigns

Backend Tech Operations

From a tech requirement perspective, we work towards introducing efficiency in the existing setup and launching new product ideas

Website tech maintenance

New implementations to improve shopping funnel
Implementations to improve conv rate to have direct impact on sales
Implementations to improve average order value
Other integrations to improve COD and Prepaid split on the channel
In addition to this, we can collaborate with you at a level of managing monthly sale events for the brand along with analysing its impact on sale value and gross margins.