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Urmi Kothari

Dancer & Fitness Expert

Urmi Kothari is a MBA- turned professional dancer turned Fitness expert, Energy coach and Founder of Kinetic Living (2012). With a background in fitness and movement for 25 years, she is also Mumbai’s first Coach affiliated with brands like Nike and Apple. Mumbai’s first Nike Coach, she is a Trainers’ Trainer in Functional Training since 2014, Energy Coach and certified in Training modal- ities like Kettlebells, Pilates, Animal Flow, Barefoot Training. She has been practising yoga and Kalarippayattu for 14 years and has learnt, practised and taught different forms of meditation and fit- ness since cumulative of 11 years. She is the winner of Women’s Global Leader Award by National Leadership Congress 2023 Feb & Iconic Achiever Award by GCC Asia in September 2021.

She was a speaker at Facebook Women for Body Positivity in 2021 followed by FICCI Flo for Women in 2021, TEDx Speaker at Bits Pilani in 2019, Human Edge Longevity Summit in March 2023.

She also showed her presence in July 2022 -At MOM POWER 360 Conference in Bangalore for Mothers and Women Entrepreneurs in the presence of Esteemed Dr. Madhu Chopra (Priyanka Chopra’s Mother), At IIMUN – India’s International Movement to Unite Nations.

At Thomas Cook Holidays in 2019.