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Manu Patolia

Author & Entrepreneur

Manu Patolia, the author of the compelling memoir “From Village to the World,” commenced his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, driven by an innate passion for construction and a determined ambition to thrive as a contractor. Armed with an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, he ventured to the United States, where he furthered his education, earning a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M and a Master’s in Industrial Management from JNIT.

Throughout his illustrious career, Patolia held pivotal managerial roles in large-scale construction projects and ventured into the realms of retail and hospitality. Noteworthy among his achievements was his leadership of the Planning, Scheduling, and Cost Control Department for a monumental 5-billion-dollar Nuclear Power Plant construction project. Simultaneously, he adeptly managed a Hallmark Cards and Gift Store situated near New York’s iconic Radio City Music Hall in Rockefeller Center.

Exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit, Patolia established and successfully divested two thriving manufacturing enterprises. One specialized in Rigid and Rigid-Flex PC Board production, while the other focused on vitamins and nutritional supplements, experiencing remarkable growth under his guidance.

In 2017, Patolia founded InvaPharm, Inc., a distinguished contract manufacturer of dietary supplements. InvaPharm’s stellar reputation is built on its commitment to producing top-quality nutritional products, herbals, vitamins, and food supplements, with certifications from esteemed authorities such as the US FDA, NSF, and USDA Organic. Today, InvaPharm boasts a net worth exceeding approximately 250 million dollars.

Patloia’s remarkable journey, chronicled in his memoir “From Village to the World,” encapsulates his humble beginnings, aspirations, challenges, insights, and triumphs. It serves as a testament to resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, inspiring individuals worldwide to pursue their paths to success.