The Sunflower Seeds

Kunal Roy


Kunal Roy is a son of the former dean of IIM Bangalore. He was really spoiled as a child. He had no concept of fear or insecurity. His dad was successful, and mom was loving. When he was 7, he heard knocking on the door that no one did, and others didn’t hear. It was an early sign of schizophrenia. But no one thought much of it at that time. Later when he was around 13, he got epilepsy and schizophrenia at the same time. And he wanted his parents to snap their fingers and make it go away. But they couldn’t, so he iced them out. He blamed them for feeding him with fearless fantasy when real life was so full of fear and danger.

 And then when he was 15, his mother passed. And he went into deep depression. He developed addiction issues, chronic pain, and eating disorders, and of course the fits and hallucinations continued. Couldn’t even take a bath alone because he saw ghosts in the bathroom. Iced his dad and brother out the whole time. He thought it’s easier to be alone and fend for himself. At graduation, he got a scholarship to study. And he thought he’ll go to the US and start fresh and leave the darkness behind.

 But when he went there, things got worse. Even though he hardly talked to anyone, he realized their presence made a difference. He felt isolated because they were absent. And his buffet of mental illnesses all got worse. He jumped in front of a car to end his life and was admitted into an institution. There he got really aggressively treated, till he was clear to go back to India.


He returned back to India, and with a lot of help, he rebuilt his life. And he came upon the realization that everybody can make something of their life, if given some space and freedom to do it their own way. Life has been quite a rollercoaster for him. And he did not write this book on a whim. It was years of premeditated thought gone into one project to rule them all.