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Book Publishers in Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, continues to evolve and innovate, embracing digital technologies, sustainability, and global collaborations. However, beyond its tech-centric reputation, the city is also home to a thriving literary scene with numerous book publishers contributing significantly to the world of literature. These developments reflect the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of the city’s publishing houses, ensuring that Bangalore remains a vibrant hub for literature in the digital age.

Grey Oak Publishers: Founded by acclaimed authors Ahmed Faiyaz, Deepak Dalal, and Ali Mohammed Faiyaz, Grey Oak Publishers has emerged as a prominent player in Bangalore’s publishing landscape. While covering various genres, their primary emphasis is on Indian literature. In recent years, they have garnered praise for their quality and content, particularly in the realm of fiction. Notably, Grey Oak is expanding its horizons by introducing two new imprints, ‘Silverfish’ and ‘Chiron,’ targeting young adult readers. Authors looking to collaborate can explore opportunities through their submissions page.

Panther Publishers: With a rich history dating back to 1987, Panther Publishers is among the city’s oldest academic publishing houses. Specializing in medical genres like gynaecology, psychology, cardiology, surgery, and more, they boast a team of experts in various academic fields. Although they might not be actively seeking submissions at the moment, writers in the academic realm can keep an eye on their platform for future opportunities.

RainTree Media: RainTree Media is a transmedia company based in Bangalore that excels in enriching print and digital experiences. Over the past decade, they have captivated a broad audience with their compelling and informative titles. Their publishing spectrum encompasses coffee table books, photo books, ebooks, fiction, and self-help titles. RainTree’s global reach, in collaboration with GlobalVillage Network, makes them a reliable choice for readers across India and Sri Lanka.

Himalaya Publishing House: For those seeking to collaborate with a leading educational publisher in Bangalore, Himalaya Publishing House stands as a premier choice. Established by Shri D.P Pandey, this publishing house specializes in academic titles covering a wide range of subjects such as accountancy, banking, biography, economics, and more. Himalaya’s commitment to academic excellence has earned them the trust of students and academicians alike.

Punya Publishing: Dedicated to producing academic titles, Punya Publishing focuses on creating assessment materials that contribute to the holistic development of young minds. Their culturally sensitive materials resonate well with both educators and students. Punya Publishing’s dedication to educational advancement is evident in their popularity among academicians and children.

Sanguine Technical Publishing House: With nearly two decades in the industry, Sanguine Technical Publishing House is a prominent publisher of academic and scholarly texts. They are renowned for their well-researched and informative publications, particularly in the fields of mathematics, physics, and engineering mathematics. Their straightforward approach appeals to both students and educators.

Navakarnataka Publishing House: Specializing in religious and mythological texts, Navakarnataka Publishing House has been a significant player in Bangalore’s publishing landscape for nearly a decade. While primarily working with Kannada texts, they also release select English titles. Authors interested in contributing to the realm of religious and mythological literature can explore opportunities with Navakarnataka Publishing House, which is actively seeking new titles.

Little Latitude: The distinctive quality of design and production sets Little Latitude books in Bengaluru apart. Founded in 2010 by the husband-and-wife duo Vinay Diddee and Neha Vasant-Diddee, the company initially began with creating art for clothing but soon transitioned to the world of books. A significant number of their books, primarily durable board books, showcase remarkable illustrations by the talented watercolor artist Prashant Miranda, including their latest releases like “What Can You Do with Red, Yellow and Blue” and “While I’m Away.”

Clever Fox Publishing: Clever Fox Publishing, headquartered in Bangalore, is a prominent player in the self-publishing and hybrid publishing sector. Founded by Mr. Ranjan Mohapatra, the organization has a vision of providing top-notch publishing opportunities for both authors and readers. In just five years, Clever Fox Publishing has completed over 1200 projects, garnered a community of more than 11,000 members, and reached readers in nearly 140+ countries. This impressive track record underscores their commitment, consistency, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Cambridge University Press: Cambridge University Press, an integral part of the University of Cambridge, is dedicated to the dissemination of high-quality academic literature to enthusiastic readers. Operating through over 50 offices worldwide, this renowned publishing institution has made a significant impact in Bangalore with its exceptional books. Similar to other academic publishers mentioned here, Cambridge University Press aims to produce scholarly materials encompassing a variety of fields such as sociology, political science, history, mathematics, anthropology, and more.

The diverse and vibrant publishing landscape in Bangalore encompasses a wide array of genres and interests. These publishers, each with its unique focus, contribute significantly to the literary and academic world, making Bangalore a hub for literary excellence and knowledge dissemination.