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Book Publishers in Delhi

As Delhi is the capital of India, it’s not surprising that there are many book publishers in Delhi. It’s a big city and the political and business centre of the nation. Most international publishers have their publishing offices here but many publishing houses have also started here. Delhi now houses numerous publishing houses, both traditional and independent, each with a unique voice and approach to promoting literature.

Here are some publishing houses in Delhi you should know about

Speaking Tiger Books: is an independent publishing house founded in 2014 that quickly established itself as a respected and influential player in the Indian publishing landscape. It publishes fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, essays, translations, and books on history, politics, culture, and society. It even has an imprint, Bahuvachan, which publishes works in Hindi and other Indian languages.

Rupa Publications: Established in 1936, Rupa Publications holds a special place in Delhi’s publishing history. This iconic publishing house publishes works fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and academic works, contributing significantly to India’s literary landscape.

Vikas Publishing House: Focused primarily on educational and academic publications, Vikas Publishing House has been a key player in providing textbooks and academic resources to students and scholars across the country.

Manohar Publishers: Established in 1969, they’re known for scholarly publishing: books on history, culture, and social sciences, They have authors from South Asia, Japan, Europe, North America, Australia and other countries.

Yoda Press: Yoda Press was founded recently, in 2004 and is known for its eclectic catalogue that spans genres like fiction, non-fiction, and social commentary. They often publish works that challenge conventional narratives and offer fresh perspectives on contemporary issues.

Zubaan Books: Though its roots are in Delhi, Zubaan Books is now a significant player at a national level. Known for amplifying women’s voices and stories, Zubaan Books addresses feminist issues, activism, and social justice through their publications. It’s an independent publisher which even has a younger readers imprint called, Young Zubaan.

Katha: Founded in 1988 with the aim of preserving oral and written storytelling traditions, Katha has been actively promoting regional literature and cultural diversity for decades. They focus on multilingual storytelling and nurture the talents of storytellers and artists from various backgrounds.