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How to Secure a Literary Agent

You’ve poured your heart and talent into a book and now you’re ready for the world to see it. The first step would be to secure an agent. You might think approaching a publisher is the best, but for that, you have to know how to publish a book and how one should approach all the different publishers in India. It’s best to let someone who is familiar with the publishing world do it. A good agent will also handle book marketing, book promotions and could help you make your brand as an author.

Literary agents are essential allies for authors, bridging the gap between writers and publishers and the rest of the literary world. Approaching an agent with your book requires careful preparation, a compelling pitch, and a professional demeanor.

Whether you’re looking for an agent for the first time or looking for a better agent, here are the steps to effectively approach a literary agent and increase your chances of securing representation:

Research and Target Agents

Before you send out query letters, invest time in researching literary agents who are good at their job. See their experience, whom all they represent and how well those authors are doing. Examining their clients success and seeing what kind of clients they have is the best way to gauge how good they are.

Write a Stellar Query Letter

A query letter is your first introduction to a literary agent and the first time they see your writing, so make it count. Craft a clear, concise, and compelling query letter that includes the following:

A brief and engaging hook that summarises your book’s premise.
A concise overview of your book’s main plot, characters, and themes.
A brief author bio that highlights your writing experience and credentials.
Personalisation that demonstrates you’ve researched the agent and why you’re querying them.
A courteous and professional tone.

Call them

If they have a number you can contact them on, do call them and pitch yourself and your book to them alongside the letter/email.

Follow Submission Guidelines

Be it for getting published or for book marketing, every literary agent will have specific submission guidelines that you must follow precisely. Pay attention to their preferences regarding query format, submission method (email or online form), and any additional materials they request.

Include a Synopsis and Sample Pages

Some agents might request additional materials such as a list of all your previous writing work, a synopsis or a sample of your manuscript. Prepare a well-written synopsis that encapsulates the essence of your story. Include a requested number of sample pages that showcase your writing style and give the agent a taste of your narrative voice.

Polish Your Manuscript

Before querying agents, ensure your manuscript is polished and ready for consideration. Edit for grammar, punctuation, and coherence. Don’t just send them your rough manuscript. Agents are more likely to engage with writers who show professionally crafted work.

Craft a Personalised Approach

While querying multiple agents is common, take the time to personalise each query letter. Mention why you think you’ll be a good client for the agent based on their previous clients or books they’ve represented. This demonstrates your genuine interest.

Be Prepared for Rejections

Rejections are a natural part of the querying process. Literary agents receive numerous submissions, and not every book will be the right fit for every agent. If you receive rejections, don’t be discouraged. Keep refining your approach and learning from the feedback you receive.

Stay Patient

After sending out your queries, be patient. Agents have busy schedules, and the review process can take time. While waiting, continue working on your writing and consider querying additional agents.

Attending Writing Conferences

Writing conferences provide opportunities to meet agents in person, pitch your book, and receive immediate feedback. Making a personal connection can make all the difference. Attending conferences can be a valuable way to connect with agents personally and learn more about the industry.

Step 10: Keep Growing as a Writer

Whether you receive an offer of representation or not, continue to grow and refine your writing skills. The publishing journey is one of continuous learning and development.

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