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Top Book Publishers in India

India can boast a rich literary heritage, with a long history of writers producing memorable works of art across genres. Behind almost every successful book, there is a dedicated book publishing house, that played a crucial role in recognising potential, nurturing talent and taking a manuscript to a published book.

As someone looking to get published, one should know the top book publishers in India. There are many publishing houses, both Indian and international that have their own specialities.

The head offices of most of the publishing houses are in Delhi or Bombay, but the biggest ones have offices in multiple cities. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a publishing house in Bombay or somewhere smaller, they can be approached through email or traditional mail or calls for queries as well.

Here is a quick introduction to some of the biggest publishing houses in India

Penguin Random House India
Penguin Random House India is one of the biggest names in the Indian publishing industry. With a history that dates back to the 1980s, they have earned a reputation for publishing some of India’s most celebrated authors and international bestsellers . Their diverse catalogue spans fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and academic publications. They support emerging writers as well, making them a good option to approach.

Aleph Book Company
Aleph Book Company is a relatively newer entrant into the Indian publishing scene being just over a decade old, but it has swiftly gained recognition for its distinctive books and high-quality literature. Focusing on promoting original and groundbreaking literary works, Aleph has collaborated with prominent Indian and international authors, making them a publisher of choice for many writers.

Harper Collins India
HarperCollins has been in India since 1991 and being the India division of an International brand makes them a good option for debut authors as well. HarperCollins India publishes books in English and regional languages, broadening the reach of literature to different corners of the nation.

Rupa Publications India
Established in 1936, Rupa Publications is one of India’s oldest and most respected publishing houses. They have consistently produced a wide range of books, including fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and academic works. Their dedication to nurturing new talent and providing a platform for both established and aspiring writers has earned them a place among India’s top publishers.

Bloomsbury India
Bloomsbury India, part of the renowned Bloomsbury Publishing group, has made significant inroads into the Indian market. The main company has been around since 1986 but their India division opened in 2012. They are best known for being the publisher that agreed to publish Harry Potter and they gained prominence after that. They’re known for their strong fiction list, academic publications, and non-fiction titles. Bloomsbury India has played a vital role in bringing Indian literature to the global stage.

Roli Books
Roli Books is a prominent publishing house in India that started in 1978. Originally they focused primarily on publishing high-quality coffee table books that showcased India’s rich cultural heritage and artistic legacy and became known for their visually appealing and content-rich publications. Now they have history, architecture, photography, lifestyle, travel, and fiction as well but are still known for their beautifully designed books.

Pan Macmillan India
Pan Macmillan India is the Indian brand of one of the largest publishing groups in the UK. Pan Macmillan India began its operations in 2006 as a joint venture between Macmillan Publishers Ltd. and the Delhi-based Manjul Publishing House. They publish fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and academic works of both Indian and international authors.

Speaking Tiger Books
Speaking Tiger Books is an independent publishing house founded in 2014. They aim to bridge the gap between local and global literature and collaborate with international authors to acquire rights for translating foreign works into Indian languages, making literature accessible to a broader readership. They also have an imprint called Bahuvachan, which focuses on publishing works in Hindi and other Indian languages to promote regional languages and diverse voices within India.