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What is Book Publicity?

What is Book Publicity?

Writing and getting a publishing deal are just the first step to becoming a recognised author. If one wants their book read, it has to be cleverly marketed and book publicity is one of the most important aspects of that.

With so many other competing entertainment forms which require less brain activity, it’s hard to make a book stand out. One of the only ways to do that is to create a buzz around your book, and that’s where book publicity comes in.

What is Book Publicity?

Book publicity is the process of promoting a book to potential readers through various platforms. Its main aim is to attract the attention of the public, create a conversation even before the book’s release, and generate a level of excitement that increases book purchases.

Book Publicity is one part of book marketing but not all of it.

It is also not the same as book advertising; the main difference being that book advertising involves paid promotional efforts. Book publicity usually relies on organic and earned media exposure to build credibility and authenticity.

What Book Publicity will do for you

Increase Visibility: With the sheer amount of books being released these days, getting noticed is challenging. Publicity efforts will help to elevate your profile, making them more visible to potential readers and industry professionals.

Provides Credibility and Validation: Positive media coverage, reviews, and endorsements add credibility to you and your work. That will be uplifting for you and readers are far more likely to trust a book that has been featured on a known publication or that has been recommended by reputable sources.

Gives A Wider Reach: Book publicity allows you to extend your reach beyond your immediate circle of influence and your publishers circle of influence.

Encourages Reader Engagement: Through book signings, literary events, and social media you can engage with your readers and this personal connection will make a huge difference. Readers are more likely to become loyal fans and support future book releases and their reviews will be good for your book sales.

Good publicity is an essential part of publishing a book. Even the most popular authors have to engage personally in promoting their book even after several bestselling books.

There are a lot of steps and it seems daunting but don’t worry; if you have a good literary agent, then most of this work will be done by them, and whatever you have to personally do, they will guide you on, it’s not harder than writing a book and if you’re here, you’ve probably already done that.